Opening ceremony of WEIS 2019

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Opening ceremony of the 4th World Emerging Industries Summit (WEIS 2019)

The World Emerging Industries Summit was initiated and sponsored by Asia-Pacific CEO Association. And the first, second, third and Fourth World Emerging Industries Summit was co-sponsored by APCEO and Jilin Provincial Government of China, Wuhan Municipal Government of China, Henan Provincial Government of China and Zhengzhou Municipal Government of China respectively. Since the first World Emerging Industries Summit was held, this event has been paid high attention by governments around the world, including Chinese government.

Latest news: The World Emerging Industries Summit is the highest-level conference in the field of world emerging industries. And the 4th World Emerging Industries Summit was held in the Dahe Jinyue Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. The theme of this summit is “Emerging Industries——New Dynamic, Fresh Opportunities!”

Participants attending the opening ceremony included: Wang Xinwei, Mayor of Zhengzhou City, Lord Francis Maude, Former Minister of State for Trade and Investment/Former Minister for the Cabinet, UK, Sir Joseph Bossano, Former Chief Minister of HM Government of Gibraltar, Zheng Xiongwei, Global Executive Chairman of APCEO and Jason William Cruz, Chief Executive, Hong Kong of HM Government of Gibraltar.

The event attracted approximately 600 people of more than 60 countries and regions from Fortune 500 and Forbes 2,000 enterprises, leading emerging industries enterprises, worldwide popular experts and scholars.

Wan Zhengfeng, Vice Mayor, Zhengzhou City, is the moderator of this conference.

During the opening ceremony, Wang Xinwei, Mayor of Zhengzhou City, Lord Francis Maude, Former Minister of State for Trade and Investment/Former Minister for the Cabinet, United Kingdom delivered the opening speech.

Zheng Xiongwei, Famous International Economists and Global Executive Chairman of APCEO, released the Report on the Development of World Emerging Industries and the Zhengzhou Declaration on World Emerging Industries Cooperation.

George Benaroya, Former Vice President of P&G, Dong Zhigang, Vice President of Global, SAP, Prakash Kirpalani, President APAC of Quatrro Global Services, Vladimir Agabekov, Director of The Institute of Chemistry of New Materials, Academician of National academy of sciences of Belarus, Peter Illes, Professor of Pharmacology, Member of Academia Europe, made keynote speech.

During WEIS Cutting-edge Technology/Project Announcement Release and Financial Matching Conference& Preparatory Meeting for the World Emerging Industry Cooperation Fund, Sung-Ho Suck Salk, Professor Emeritus, Permanent Fellow of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology, Denis Nkala,Regional Representative (Asia & Pacific) of UNOSSC, Kevin Gaylynn Kindall, Senior Data Scientist of Hartree Partners, Vladimir Šimović, Full Prof and Dean of University Zagreb/University of Applied Sciences Balazar Zapresic, Avner Man, Head of the Project of LightPoints, Tao Binglin, President of Sheri Pharmaceutical Companies, Hashem Aghazadeh, Executive and Support Deputy Science and Technology Park and Professor of University of Tehran, Jerry Li, President of Canada-China Society of Science and Technology, Fan Jianping, CEO of EMERALTECH, Nureddin ATOU, Chairman & Co-Founder of Cyberteq PTE LTD and Roland Akiki, Senior Vice President of Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, delivered the speech.

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