The World Emerging Industries Summit is a Top-Level Conference on International Cooperation of the World's Emerging Industries. Initiated by the Asia-Pacific CEO Association, a Renowned International Economic Organization, the Summit Enjoys Robust Support Worldwide.
  • Angela Merkel's view on Angela Merkel's view on "Industry 4.0"
    The Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel expressed that Germany is a reliable cooperation partner of China, and both countries enjoy robust relations and sound cooperation, well implement the integration between Germany's "Industry 4.0" and China, and expand bilateral cooperation.
  • Dominique de Villepin attends and addresses the WEISDominique de Villepin attends and addresses the WEIS
    Former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin: the world is changing on every continent, The Emerging World is rising, the new technology is changing our way of governance, we must adapt to the new environment, have to cope with new challenges, we must know that the global economy new innovation, to solve all the problems need to be like WEIS to let us put our heads together, so I am very glad to be here to share my ideas.
  • Congratulatory letter to 2nd WEIS from Nancy PelosiCongratulatory letter to 2nd WEIS from Nancy Pelosi
    Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said she was encouraged by the compelling and far-reaching themes of this conference, and that "innovation" and "cooperation" are the best ways to forge a better future for China, the United States, and the world. She called for the relationship between China and the United States is important not only to China and the United States, but also to the whole world. And sincerely wish 2nd WEIS a complete success.

High-end Manufacturing

New Energy Vehicles             

Artificial Intelligence           

New Materials


Digital Creative Industries

New Generation of Information Technology     


  • Hon. Dominique de VillepinHon. Dominique de Villepin
    Global Chairman of APCEO
    Former French Prime Minister
  • Hon. John Winston HowardHon. John Winston Howard
    Global Co-Chairman of APCEO
    Former Prime Minister of Australia
  • Lord Howell of GuildfordLord Howell of Guildford
    Global Vice Chairman of APCEO
    Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, UK
  • Annette NijsAnnette Nijs
    Global Vice Chairman of APCEO
    Former State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science, Netherlands
  • Hon. Eamon GilmoreHon. Eamon Gilmore
    Global Vice Chairman of APCEO
    Former Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland
  • Mr. Zheng XiongweiMr. Zheng Xiongwei
    Global Executive Chairman of APCEO
    International Economist
  • General Christian QuesnotGeneral Christian Quesnot
    Global Vice Chairman of APCEO & Chairman of APCEO Europe
    Chief Staff of Presidents of France
  • Lord Francis MaudeLord Francis Maude
    Global Vice Chairman of APCEO
    Former Minister of State for Trade and Investment & Former Minister for the Cabinet, UK
  • Hon. Aaron Michael OquayeHon. Aaron Michael Oquaye
    Global Vice Chairman of APCEO & Chairman of APCEO Africa
    Former Speaker of Ghana
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